Our coaches are continually striving to improve their skills in order to provide the best they can for our children. Please take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire below. Our main goals at the recreational level in this order are to:

1. Create a passion for the game for our players

2. Develop character and leadership for our players.

3. Make sure our players are having fun

4. Improve their soccer skill by the end of the year.

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Please take a moment to rate your coach on questions below *
Please take a moment to rate your coach on questions below
1. Does your son/daughter look forward to practices?
2. Does the coach give your son/daughter specific areas to improve upon?
3. Does the coach make practices fun for the players?
4. Does your son/daughter feel good about their practices when they leave?
5. Is the coach approachable by both players and parents?
6. Does the coach motivate your son/daughter in a positive manner?
7. Does the coach promote character and leadership development?
8. Does your son/daughter show a pattern of improvement?
9. Does the coach conduct him/herself in a professional manner at all games?
10. Does the coach communicate well with players and parents?
11. Do you feel that overall the coach has made your son/daughter’s soccer experience a positive one?
13. Overall, how would you rate your son/daughter’s coach?
14. Would you reccommend this coach to other families?