Mission Statement:

The 90+ Project exists to mentor under-resourced urban youth by fostering holistic development through the sport of soccer.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to transform communities by inspiring urban youth through mentoring and soccer.

behind the name:

90, the standard amount of minutes in a soccer game, represents a “story”; a defined moment in time that has a beginning and end, highs and lows and in ways is a microcosm of life. The + (plus) stands for the “added time” that is acknowledged at the end of each half. This extra time has been woven into the game to make up for wasted time or moments when the game had interruptions. Our desire is to use the added time and mentoring to invest and add (plus) to the story of each young person that is a part of our project. The word project is used to signify our understanding that this is a collaborative enterprise with a desired outcome. As we allow our stories to interact with other’s stories a sense of community is being formed in the midst of playing a beautiful game.


The 90+ Project believes soccer can play an essential role in promoting the physical, mental and emotional development, welfare and recreation of youth. Our passion is to use the beautiful game and the power of group mentoring to foster a spirit of community, promote and develop character, sportsmanship, and service and to enable under-resourced urban youth to reach their fullest intellectual and athletic potential —regardless of economic background.

Core Values:

The following core values support our mission, guide our programs and define our ethos:

Strength in Community

We strive to be an organization that embodies true community; the belief that we are better together. The South African word Ubuntu, which means ‘I am because we are’, best encompasses this ideal of community. Far too often we think of ourselves as individuals, but community helps us understand that we cannot exist in isolation, we are all interconnected. 90+ places a high value on the worth of human beings and takes pride in creating and fostering life enhancing reciprocal relationships that bring empowerment, dignity, and compassion, which lead to a strong and vibrant community. We desire to prepare youth to become effective citizens through our diverse programming and community outreach, helping them to recognize their responsibility to improve the world around them, starting locally and expanding globally.

Integrity (Character)

We are committed to strive for high moral character, mutual respect and honesty in all our actions believing that the strength of a community is based on the integrity of its members. We believe in the inherent dignity of each person, promote diversity, and teach that everyone has the right and responsibility to contribute to the good of the whole society.

Development of Mind, Body, and Spirit

We are committed to the advancement of the mind, body, and spirit and view these pursuits as inseparable. We strive to intentionally develop the whole person and cultivate in them the capacities and dispositions for lifelong learning, ethical discernment, creativity, and innovation. We judge our effectiveness, progress and success in terms of how well we provide a platform that enables youth to develop their abilities through dedication and effort. We believe that potentialities can be enhanced, setbacks are a natural part of learning, and that effort is the means by which ability is brought to life and allowed to reach fruition. We are committed to developing each person’s potential to the fullest seeking to impact the state of those marginalized by society at large.




90+ Project is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are proud of this and you should be too. As a non-profit, we are able to focus more resources and financial investment into our programs and the activities that help change the lives of the next generation.

This allows us to give our staff, donors, and customers the clearest picture of why we exist: to help develop the leaders of tomorrow into great men and women.