90+ Project Camps

The 90+ Project camps are called soccer institute. They are a year-round individual player-centric approach to training. This allows for long-term skill development to occur with a deep understanding of what makes players stand out on and off the soccer pitch. As the sport of soccer grows, young players in our city and beyond need the proper technical and skill development to preform at peak levels. The 90+ Project Soccer Institute program provides the optimum training environment for youth soccer players by emphasizing individual development through targeted unopposed, and opposed technical and skill training combined with character, leadership development.


Free Clinics

Our Clinics are targeted to give parents the flexibility of signing up for a quick training without having to commit to a full summer academy. Below is the list of Clinics we offer.

Defense & Skills - This clinic is targeted on the tackling technics, one on one defending, defensive positioning and skills such as heading, and chesting.

Finishing - This clinic is targeted on the shooting technics, finishing in all areas of the pitch, and offensive movement around goal.

Passing & Receiving- This clinic is targeted on passing technics and movement off the ball.

Dribbling - This clinic is targeted on the dribbling basics and how to be more effective with 1v1

Whitworth Summer Camps

We have partnered with Whitworth university to provide an amazing summer camp experience for your kids! This camp is designed to develop and introduce crucial technical skills in the game of soccer such as passing, shooting, dribbling, crossing, and receiving. With the knowledge and dedication of the 90+ Project trainers, Whitworth coaches, and Whitworth players, your child will see noticeable improvement in many areas of their play and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. 


*All proceeds go to 90+ Project to continue giving underprivileged youth the opportunity to play the game we all love