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Training Sessions


Dribble Exercise

rob the nest.png

rob the nest

Place 5 squares in the grid.  One in each corner and one in the middle.  

Divide the group into each of the four corners.  

Put all of the balls, as many as you have, in the middle square.  

When the coach says “GO”, one player from each square goes to the middle and takes one ball back to their corner, tags their teammate and the next player goes to the middle.  

The winning team is the one that has the most amount of balls in their corner when there are no remaining balls in the middle.  


When no balls are left give an additional 60 seconds for players to follow the same rules but remove the balls from their opponents squares.  Corners cannot be protected.    




Dribbling Exercise

steal the treasure.png

steal the treasure

Make a 20x30 yard gird divided into two halves with an equal number of cones on each side of the grid.  Place 1 team in each half.  On the coach’s command the players will dribble to the opponents half and touch a cone with the ball, pick up the cone and take it to their half.  The team with the most cones in 3 minutes wins the round.  


players can defend their treasure by tagging the opponent with a cone before he/she crosses the half.  The player drops the cone at the place they were tagged. 



Small Sided Game

2v2 with Servers:




Mark out area 20m x 30m

(size of pitch can be altered to move from anaerobic to more aerobic conditioning)


Two GKs in full size goals.

Two players in each half of pitch with servers numbered 1 to 3 on the outside of area for each team.


Coach calls out the color and number of the player who serves the ball into same colored team.  

Whichever side the ball is played into the opposing color players act as defenders to create a 2 v. 2


Play for a certain time (2-4 minutes high intensity) or a certain number of balls received by each team. Rotate quickly with players receiving rest when passers.




Training Format

When putting together your training session, keep a standard format in mind.  For example:


  • 45 minutes or less.
  • Every player should have a ball.
  • Warm-up, including movement, use of ball, fun games and challenges (15 min)
  • Soccer Activities, individual and partner activities, game like situations (15 min)
  • Free Play, finish with a 3v3 game with two goals, no goalkeepers (15 min)

The end of each training session should be devoted to playing 3v3 practice games. Fun games involving 1v1, 2v1, 1v2 and 2v2 can lead into the final activity of 3v3. Coaches can use this time to teach the rules of the game, discuss spacing, and game situations.

Coaches, use a games approach to learning. Make sure each player has a ball as the increased number of touches on the ball will more quickly develop players. Have a selection of game-like activities planned, avoid being drill oriented and focus on fun.

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