Growth Mindset

We believe in a growth mindset; that individuals can improve and develop their skills to reach their full potential.  We value the process of hard work, embrace challenges, learn from feedback, and that effort is an essential trait.  Rather than focusing on the end result of our athletes’ actions, we praise and encourage their effort.  By helping our athletes develop a growth mindset, it will help them succeed in their sport and in other areas of their life.   


We believe that the strength of a community is based on the integrity of its members. Integrity to us means high moral character, mutual respect and honesty. We believe in the inherent dignity of each person no matter their backround; everyone has the right and responsibility to contribute to the good of the whole society. 


I am because WE are is what we focus on as our overarching focus that ties into all our core values. We believe all our players should have a team first mentality. 

Relationships are everything in the world we live in. We all strive for rich, deep, and meaningful relationships every day we step on the training field but more importantly, the second we wake up each day. We desire to teach all our players what true relationships look like and how to create and build quaility relationships.


We must learn to hold each other accountable. Without accountability, we believe success is not achievable  because we all make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. Accountabily is the thing that keeps us on the right path at all times.