Amy (Parent of 2009 player)

What an incredibly positive experience this last year in soccer has been. Our daughter learned so much about the sport of soccer and even more than that, she had the best possible mentor and coach ever. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, countless hours and seemingly unlimited amount of patience. It did not go unnoticed!  

Rena (PArent of 2012 and 2010 Players)

We have been a 90+ Family for 4 years now. Our 4 boys love playing soccer and the fun they have with all the 90+ coaches. Dad loves how the kids are learning to be competitors and the technical skills involved in being an excellent soccer player. As a mom I appreciate the extra effort Coach Mo and the other coaches put in to make sure to teach important life skills like sportsmanship and perseverance. Kids are not encouraged to win at all costs. It’s much more important that they play well as a team and exhibit character while representing 90+ on and off the field. 

Chad (PArent of 2010 Player)

My kids have fun every time and I can see a big improvement in their skill level in a very short window. 

Thank you!  My kids loves 90+. 

Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. [Josh Shipp]


"My favorite part of the 90+ Project is the focus on coaching whole individuals, not just the athletic side of things. Seeing the kids engage, grow and implement our Word of the Day and living the values we bring to light is one of the most rewarding experiences as a coach you can ask for. Watching a child fall in love with a sport and growing as an individual is what coaching youth sports is all about. The 90+ Project embodies that ideology and I am so thankful to be a part of it. One of my fondest experiences is when doing the after school program, and all of the kids are coming off the bus with bright smiles and high fives so full of excitement and vigor everyday."


I had the pleasure of coaching "William" when I was  placed with 5-6 year-old boys - which is definitely the herding cats stage!  He would usually spend the entire practice staring off into the distance, rarely talking to other kids, if at all. But as we played more he began to come out of his shell. Every now and again he would crack the biggest grin on his face as he received encouragement or instruction, and a light would come on his face when he finally understood the drill.

Recently I saw him playing on an older 90+ team with that same distracted grin on his face despite being on the opposite end of the field and having a shoe untied. Seems like no matter how well he does or doesn't do, playing soccer gives him an outlet to escape from his thoughts, and knowing I got to be a part of that brings me great joy! Regardless of whether the technical skill will carry through as "William" gets older, I know he will never forget what it was that made him smile.