The soccer institute is year-round individual player-centric approach to training. This allows for long-term skill development to occur with a deep understanding of what makes players stand out on and off the soccer pitch. As the sport of soccer grows, young players in our city and beyond need the proper technical and skill development to preform at peak levels. The 90+ Project Soccer Institute program provides the optimum training environment for youth soccer players by emphasizing individual development through targeted unopposed, and opposed technical and skill training combined with character, leadership development.

Give & Go

The Give and Go soccer program collects and redistributes used soccer equipment to children in underserved communities.

Your donation of soccer equipment provides those in need the resources to play the game we love.  Gear will be used locally and globally as kids from both Spokane and Ecuador will benefit from your generosity.

Get involved and encourage a kid both in your community and around the world.

Recreational Team Program 

The Soccer Scholars Program is our soccer program that makes soccer and mentoring available to all youth interested in the beautiful game.  The focus of the time together is on character development and soccer skills with special attention given in this particular program to providing assistance to youth in need.

Reduced rates will be offered to all students on the free and reduced lunch program through the generous donations of 90+ Project partners.