How do I find out about upcoming camps, Clinics and the Soccer Institute?

We would suggest two things:  

1. Check out the "You" section of this site to find out about all our upcoming activities.  

2. Sign up for our newsletter which sends info as well as "codes" for signing up at reduced rates even below the normal fee structure that is based on income.


Who are the 90+ Project coaches?

The 90+ Mentor Coaches are the most valued members of our leadership at the 90+ Project.  Without their commitment and intentionality with the kids, 90+ would in no way meet the high goals we have set as an organization.  The coaches are a mixture of volunteers in the city, parents of players in the program and coaches who align with the vision of 90+.  Coaches are often hand-selected and go through assessments, interviews and background checks.  90+ is developing a series of training sessions for coaches to continue to develop as mentors and coaches and be a great resource to kids in our community.  


Why does 90+ play in the local IEYSA youth soccer league?

The 90+ Project has a great relationship with the Inland Empire Youth Soccer Alliance and believe their mission and the quality of their programs matches the heartbeat of 90+.  The location of games at Franklin Park is another added bonus for the kids that are a part of our program.  


Does every Child involved with 90+ qualify for "Free and Reduced Lunch" or is economically challenged?

The focus of the 90+ Project is to provide mentoring along with character and leadership development to economically disadvantaged kids who do not have equal access to the game of soccer.  While this is our focus not every child in the program fits this description.  This is a philosophical decision based on several social factors the least of which is the importance of social integration of children that have access to resources with those who have limited access and the need to provide support networks for kids in our program.