Two teams of players are assigned to one half of the field.  They are numbered 1-7.  

Play starts with the ball in one half and the team without the ball sending two players over to try to win the ball back.  The team in possession is attempting to complete a set number of passes to score a point (5/7/9).  

If the defenders win the ball they pass it to a teammate on the other side of the grid and begin to connect passes.  The count of passes begins when the ball is on their side of the field.  The ball can also be won back by the attacking team (if lost) before the ball switches sides.  

When the ball goes out of play for the first time, the player numbered #1 from each team sprints to the balls lined up on the sideline.  The first player to reach a ball starts passing to their teammates.  The second time the ball goes out, player #2 sprints for each team, and so on.  

The game can run for a certain length of time or a certain score.  



size of field

number of players sent 

another player sent after 5 / 7 / 9  passes completed  

a requirement for players to shift to the side away from the balls before their turn to sprint if players seek to short circuit the conditioning component.