1 V 1 Duels

The players are divided into two teams, and positioned at either side of the coach outside a 15x20 yard grid with two small goals (or set of cones) on each end line.  The coach serves a ball into the grid and the players try to gain possession and score on their opponent, in either of the 2 goals.  

Play for about 20 seconds, until a goal is scored or the ball is out of bounds.


- A goal in the closest goal = 1pt.  Ball passed into the goal = 5pts.  Dribble to the opposition’s goal or through the cone goal is 10pts.

- Players can only score in the opponent's goal.

- Coach can make it a 2v1 game with bonus points for goals scored after a turn or a move past an opponent. 

Coaching points:  winning possession, attacking the goal, beating an opponent off the dribble


1 v 1 duels.png